4 Free Sample Equipment Inventory List Templates

A Business running well and prospering is always backed with an efficient Office management system. When it comes to employees, they need to have the necessary office supplies to make their jobs easier and render problem free services to the business. Hence. Maintenance of inventory of office supplies and it back ups truly reflects how good and considering are their business owners towards them and the business.

To produce an effective, comprehensive e and useful inventory of supplies requires from you to personally visit the office areas to have the clear idea of what should actually be made available to employees to make their lives easy in completing any task. The necessary office supplies includes following:

– Paper

As a matter of fact, usage of paper, whether it’s for copy or printing , is too extensive for running an office on a daily basis. Furthermore, it not only print, copy or fax that requires papers but also other paper items are necessary in the daily routine of an office such as , notepads, stick-ons, envelopes and compliment slips, writing calendars, etc.

– Printer Cartridges

Since printers all advanced as well as normal ones been a necessity in an office life the its fuel (printer ink) is of the same importance. Mainly two kinds of printer cartridges are available, one the ink jet cartridges and the other toner cartridges that all varies with the type of printer being used.

The cartridges can then be termed of 2 kinds, one the black the other colored ones. Hence, the usage of printers and its different types depends on your business requirements and thereby costs accordingly.

– Fasteners

All your office jobs will remain incomplete if you are not provided with fastening items such as , paper clips, staples, thumb pins, paper pins, binder clips, detachers, etc.  In fact, these are also of high importance in an office since you cannot keep or present properly and orderly any work which has multiple papers and sheets without fastening them with these items. These fastening supplies are available both in plastic and metal.

– Writing Utensils

Pen, pencils, pointers, highlighters, markers, including supplements like erasers, sharpeners, etc are considered to be as important as any other office supplies. This supply need to be provided with adequate quantity to the employees as these are uncontrollable supply with adequate usage as well.

Once the Equipment Inventory List (office supplies) is ready, the suppliers are then being categorically differentiated. Such as usually there are separate suppliers by categories such as, stationery suppliers, cleaning supplies, paper products suppliers, equipment suppliers, office kitchen suppliers, etc.

Ideally, the Equipment Inventory List. ( List of supplies) to be recorded on an Excel Sheet or any relevant spreadsheet.  Mainly the columns to be used for categories and their related suppliers or vice versa keeping in tag the suppliers with their products under their category. This need be managed regularly and efficiently to have a smooth operation of an office and not face any shortage in the important supplies which can delay an important task for the business.

Here is a good looking Equipment Inventory List Template created using OpenOffice Calc,


Download this Equipment Inventory List Template

Here is a good looking Equipment Inventory List Template created using OpenOffice Calc,


Download this Equipment Inventory List Template

Here is a good looking Equipment Inventory List Template created using OpenOffice Calc,


Download this Equipment Inventory List Template

Here is a good looking Equipment Inventory List Template created using OpenOffice Calc,


Download this Equipment Inventory List Template

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