4 Free Sample Employee Task List Templates

Scheduling tasks for employees as per their Job Description is an  important job, being a Manager. It is your responsibility, as a Manager, how doing scheduling of an employee as well. On the other note, if it is not done so, you might face troubles managing your team / subordinates. Just because your team will not be aware of what jobs / tasks they have to do and what is its TAT (turn around time). Most probably you had employee tasks allocation ideas. But the ideas being implemented? As a managers did you organised the employee task allocation? Do you need training for that?

Let us guide you on employee scheduling with the help of following list of important steps for organizing and scheduling jobs for your employees.

Organizing and managing your employees and keeping an eye on their job scheduling is a hectic task itself.  Scheduling Employee Tasks List beforehand, at least relaxes the employees that they are facing unwanted surprises on their job and the work is properly allocated in the entire team. There are different ways to organize an Employee Task list varying from the nature of your business and your preferences.


Allocation of important tasks / jobs should be on daily, weekly and monthly basis. Additionally, take a day out from a week covering weekly jobs and one day of each month to cover up the monthly jobs. This allocation of days will help you the same way as proper store maintenance does.

It is advisable to distribute daily tasks / jobs checklist for all your employees. Hence, the checklist needs to be comprehensive enough to make a particular employee understand what he / she is expected to do on a particular day. Tasks may cover the cleaning of the store, the related maintenance tasks, etc. It may also be done the other way by allowing / empowering employees to distribute the tasks accordingly within them.

It is also important to be realistic enough in determining work burden for a particular employee. Primarily, the employees should be kept busy without overburdening them with work and the immediate Managers can well organize it accordingly.

Jot down the priority tasks / jobs at the top of the list. Also keep it in mind that the tasks can not always be done as per schedule. With this perspective, ensure that the employees starts with the absolute tasks first.

It is also advisable to take employees’ feedback. This will make the staff involved in the business decisions.

Need to follow up continuously for the task performed. Communication with employees will let you know how much they know about the task. This direct interaction will give better and high results as rendering jobs with just expecting good from employees usually results negative as revealed through different people in the hierarchy.

Hence, we found that preparing Employee Tasks List with a proper and direct follow ups can give you desired results. This relationship strengthens when you are readily taking feedbacks from employees.

Here is a good looking Employee Task List Template created using OpenOffice Calc,


Download this Employee Task List Template

Here is a good looking Employee Task List Template created using OpenOffice Calc,


Download this Employee Task List Template

Here is a good looking Employee Task List Template created using OpenOffice Calc,


Download this Employee Task List Template

Here is a good looking Employee Task List Template created using OpenOffice Calc,

Task To do list

Download this Employee Task List Template


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